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Medical student, and this anatomy

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The Muscular System

List Price: £3.95
Our Price: £1.98
Author: Anatomical Chart Company
By Anatomical Chart Co ,U.S.

Wanna learn Musculature?, 2008-05-31
Me = Medical student, and this anatomy poster really hit the standard for me. I thoroughly recommend the Anatomical Chart Company’s posters, which are very high print quality, at full anatomical detail (and split into layers such as muscular, skeletal and visceral). It’s by Lippencott, so if you’re magnets For Sale medic, nurse or someone who just really wants to know anatomy (as well as looking uber-clever magnets such posters up in your room) this is what you want. The print is clearly labelled, using standard anatomical terminology (no wierd latin), and is in full english (I bought another anatomy poster via Amazon which magnets For Sale magnets For Sale quarter English 🙁 ). Text is clear in relation to muscle systems and side portions look at posterior abdo wall, and hands/feet too.
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The price is decent considering what you’re getting, and the multiple views you get are really good. Happy customer, and more importantly, happy medical student! 🙂
Medical School Interviews: magnets For Sale Practical Guide to Help You Get That Place at Medical School – Over 150 Questions Analysed

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List Price: £25.00
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Author: George Lee, Olivier Picard
By ISC Medical
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Essential book for your medical school interview preparation, 2008-08-19
I bought this book for my son who applied to med school in four difficult universities. The techniques are very well described, backed up magnets good pertinent examples that can be used to forge one’s own answers. The discussions on ethical issues are extremely useful and to the point. I thoroughly recommend it. It may cost magnets For Sale few quids more than other books but it will make magnets For Sale massive difference to your success rate. My son got offers from all the universities he applied to and will be starting at Manchester Medical School soon.
The Human Body (Illustrated Guide)
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List Price: £9.99
Our Price: £4.78
By Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

I bought this book in my first year of nursing,and i am currently in my third year and it still comes in incredibly handy!!! Its basic layman’s terms and bright images, make the most complicated anatomy subjects plain, simple and easy to remember! It takes every part of the body and brakes it down! Its great for interest and for learning! If you just want to make magnets For Sale quick reference to something it comes in great!! I urge all nursing students to pick one up, as it contains simple explanations to the questions you may feel embarrased to ask!!! Dont waste your money on books you’ll never use again, spend it wisely and for £9.99, its magnets For Sale BARGAIN!!! BRILLIANT!
Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies (For Dummies)

List Price: £17.50
Our Price: £7.77
Author: Donna Rae Siegfried
By John Wiley & Sons

Superb, 2007-04-12
As magnets all Dummies books, this one is excellent. Covers all areas of Anatomy and Physiology from A’Level and through to at least 2nd Year Degree level. Physiological Systems and Anatomy are explained in magnets For Sale humorous way magnets many well thought out analigies to really give you magnets For Sale understanding of complex subjects. once again if you are doing A’Level or starting magnets For Sale degree in any human based science then this is magnets For Sale must have. Superb
Nursing Calculations
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List Price: £9.99
Our Price: £6.65
Author: John D. Gatford, Nicole Phillips
By Churchill Livingstone

Excellent book for all health professionals involved in drug calculations, 2008-04-09
This book is the best book to sharpen your calculation skills. Very easy to understand calculations magnets given examples and formulas. Practicing the exercises in different sections that include magnets For Sale review of basic calculations, dosage of oral medications, drug dosage for injection, intravenous infusion, paediatric dosages and summary exercises magnets the answers. I recommend this book for all who are involved in drug calculations.It is execellent+++++.

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Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

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If the penny drops you will quit, 2008-08-22

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